Privacy Policy

South Coast Clearance Services L.t.d is committed to protecting your rights of privacy regarding any personal information we receive from you, or that we may come into contact with during the course of our work.
  • We adhere to the rules and regulations of data protection legislation here in the UK, in particular the Data Protection Act 1988. The purpose of our privacy policy is to guarantee the security of any private and personal information that we may come a cross in the course of our duties.
  • When you contact us via this website or over the telephone, we will ask you for your name, address, and contact details. This is purely to enable us to deal with your enquiry and to respond in a suitable and timely manner,
  • We will not release any of the personal information that you supply to us to a 3rd party.
  • We follow strict security procedures with the storage of any written information you supply to us, to prevent unauthorized access in accordance with the UK data protection act. We delete all of your personal information from our database within a set period and any written document are shredded securely.
  • We do not use cookies to identify you when you visit this website or for any other purposes.
  • We do not send SPAM emails
  • If you have any questions or queries regarding our privacy policy, please contact us for an informal discussion.#
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